Pictured above: the June 29th GMRx Seminar group. We’re over-the-moon excited about growing a larger team of coaches and professionals who are committed to improving the health and fitness of seniors…THE RIGHT WAY!



Monday Motivation: Set goals. If you are retired, you need health and fitness goals. And let us tell you: focusing on your lifestyle as a means of improving blood markers and orthopedic issues is the right way to do it…versus focusing on blood markers and orthopedic issues via medications, supplements, and other avenues. Repair the house before you decorate!

Here we are: JULY! We’re half way through the year. Remember back to January and the holidays…what were your goals for the year? If you don’t have any…shame on you. Get stronger. Walk further. Be more mobile. Pick up my grandchild. Travel and carry my own darn suitcases….you have goals. Set them – communicate them – and crush them!

Today, again,  you’ll get more than 4 rounds. We’ll see a total of 10 rounds of work…hop to it!

In the first four rounds, we’ll work on the following:

  • single DB front squat
  • lunges
  • Dball slams
  • burpees (yay, burpees!)

In the second, we’ll work on:

  • Dbl DB DLs
  • jump rope/jumping

Monday’s volume in skill and strength is increasing as the temps keep going up to give you a break from conditioning intensity.

Happy Monday folks!