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This is probably THE BEST page on our website!  How to connect with and be a part of GrandMastersRx or Legends, as we also call it.


Your first experience with us will be observing a class, speaking with the coaches and the athletes in that class.

“But Coach, I already work out. I’m already fit. Can’t I just try a class?” Nope!  Nope, nope, nope…and nope! Meant with all the love!

Trust us, unless you’ve formally CrossFitted in the past: completed an onramp program into CrossFit and trained CrossFit for a while, we don’t allow new athletes to “try” a class. It’s a strain on our coaches who know our athletes, and we want the opportunity to a) meet you, b) screen you (how you move, what your health history is like), and c) educate you on the movements we use, how we’ll scale specifically for you, and what our expectations are for the movements we do – our “standards”. We take this very seriously and want you to as well.

CONTACT US to schedule a day to come in and observe a class.


After visiting, if you liked your experience, then the next step is to schedule you for the OnRamp. We like to call it “Basic Training”. While it’s not a conditioning program into the classes, it’s a screening and education program so that when you DO enter the class structure, you are somewhat familiar with the movements.  We’ll show you how you’ll scale anything you can’t do yet, where your starting loads are, and how things operate.

The OnRamp is 3 sessions of about an hour with one of our coaches. The cost of the onramp is $135.00 ($45/session).  You’ll almost always start with Ed, as he does the screening and communicates your info down the coaching pipeline. We schedule these OnRamps around the class hours and days.

CONTACT US to schedule a day to start! Day 1 will be part screening and part movement. We’ll email you some paperwork that you can fill out at home and bring in so you’re ready to go! It will take you about a week or week and a half to complete the onramp, depending on your/our schedule. 


You’re ready to start training! You will have been assigned to one of our classes before you start the Onramp. . You’ll show up, and for the first several months, you’ll have a “Rookie Card”.  Your coaches will be working with you to ensure you’re moving well, using the right loads and progressions. As you get better, more proficient, and seasoned, we’ll pull that Rookie Card and let you help make the decisions on the load, etc. We want you safe first.

Congratulations! You’re now a CrossFitter!


Get better. Get stronger. Get fitter.

You’ll start eating better (peer pressure and education!). We can help you with nutrition!  You’ll feel better because you’ll have less inflammation… because you’re training, and eating better…and having fun at the same time.

You’ll begin to see yourself as an athlete – this is your “sport”, like when you were young.

You’ll get nervous every once and a while because we have expectations of you – realistic ones, but challenging ones. You’ll want to do well…like when the coach says “you’re in”! It’s a funny sports analogy, but it’s true.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. You’ll wish you had found CrossFit 20 years ago! You’ll be addicted!

“Skipper” doing Dball slams