Since graduating from physical therapy school in 1989, Ed Farina had a knack for working with patients “functionally”. Whether it was a knee replacement in an older patient or a torn ACL in a younger patient, he knew the most important thing was to get them back to doing what they loved. Whether that was golf or tennis, he knew one’s quality of life often leans on the things that make them happy. Not being able to do things you love lessens your quality of life.

Fast forward to the day Ed decided he’d like to focus his expertise on KEEPING people active and healthy versus rehabilitating the injured.

Why We Did This

Why not? I mean what a greater purpose to serve: the greatest generation, after having fought for our country, survived war, depression, raised families, worked hard…it’s time to take care of them. It’s time to help them see that hard work on themselves pays off. It’s time to help them remember what basic nutrition is. It’s time to allow them to live the fullest, most healthy life possible throughout their retirement. We can get them there with GrandMastersRx. No nonsense. No magic pills. Nothing that doesn’t produce an equal result to the effort applied. And the community that builds around these programs provides the soft side of what they need: friendship, socialization and fun.

The more of these programs that “pop up”, the more opportunity seniors will have to truly take control of their health.

Our 501c3 is active.  Our EIN is 86-1544522.

GrandMastersRx.org will collect grant money and donations for the following purposes:

  • Help seniors who can’t afford to train with us by subsidizing their dues
  • Help other CrossFit affiliates and like-minded gyms set up this program
  • Help seniors who aren’t near a gym like this train from home via an app
  • Help fund CrossFit affiliates and like-minded gyms to put this program in place, where they otherwise may not be able to afford it
  • Help fund equipment for CrossFit affiliates and like-minded gyms who can’t afford the essentials like light-weight barbells or an AED.

Not-for-profit Website: www.grandmastersrx.org

How to Donate