We are a membership-based gym. We are month-to-month with no long-term contract required.



Prior to training in the class structure, new athletes will meet three times one-on-one with us complete the following:

  • Health and movement screening
  • Exercise demos and practice
  • Equipment and facility orientation and education
  • Scaling and progressions are provided for movements that aren’t currently achievable


Monthly membership covers training three times per week in the class that you chose prior to the onramp. Not all classes have availability. We are looking to open new classes as classes fill up.

If you are going to be traveling or scheduled out of town / away for two weeks or more, we can prorate your membership with advanced notice.

We do not require a recurring credit or debit card. You can pay each month by cash, check or credit/debit. Or, we can set you on a recurring cycle. We can do whatever you prefer.

There is an optional 4th day of training for those who can tolerate it. At this age, more is not always better. This is a 50-minute long-slow cardio session. This can also be achieved with a long walk around your complex or neighborhood. We are simply emphasizing the need for this in your training.


See our OTHER SERVICES page pricing.


We are not just a gym. You don’t just swipe in, do your thing and leave. With your membership some a lot of added perks:

  • Mobility/Stretching area
  • Nutrition Education (seminars, blog posts and emails to members only)
  • Community events, like movie night!
  • Discounted special training such as skill sessions for the Open or Yoga!

“Skipper” doing Dball slams