CF-L2, all the CrossFit specialty certs, i99 Gymnasicts L2, USAW Coach, …and several things you probably don’t care about!

Funny, we can’t find the individual picture of each of us!

Our length of experience and education in this specialized field of masters’ fitness is our biggest asset.  The coaching of CrossFit isn’t the challenge, it’s the coaching of CrossFit with the challenges of our age demographic – THAT’S the specialty!

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CF-L1, i99 Gymnastics L2

Trish has coached with us since 2016 and has trained CrossFit for over 10 years!  As a masters’ athlete herself, Trish understands both the demands on the body and how to balance training and life, as well as the necessity for this type of program. She is probably one of the biggest proponents of our efforts both locally and in getting this program to other gyms.

Trish taught 6th grade for 20 years. What a better teacher/educator to have as a CrossFit Coach – she has patience, but an iron hand! Though small, she’s mighty in her ability to get our athletes to do more than they think they can, safely.  And she takes no prisoners…if she thinks you should try, you’ll try!

As an athlete, Trish loves all things gymnastics – unlike most of our coaches. She’s invested countless hours practicing and training the things she needs work on, never hiding from her weaknesses.  She’s an exceptional example of a CrossFitter.

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Tracy has been CrossFitting for over 10 years. Her love of the sport and helping others, in addition to being a masters’ athlete makes her a great coach.  Tracy loves the barbell but like many, say snatches are her bane. (She and Trish make a good pair!). She is motivated by the tenacity and community of the Legends athletes.

Having served 8 years in the Air Force and over 30 years with the Clearwater Police Department, her dedication to service is undeniable. Her dedication to this program and these people is our blessing.

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Bill has been CrossFitting for over 5 years.  Bill, and his wife, Charmaine, are great examples of the progress one can make at any age and any fitness level. In his 60’s, Bill has elevated his game to compete in the sport of CrossFit, as well as coach it, developing the desire to help others improve their overall health.

Bill has methodically attacked his weaknesses in CrossFit over the years. For most at this age, mobility is something that doesn’t always come easily and Bill is no exception. But every week, he’s working on these things and progress came quickly, as did improved overall range of motion. When coaching others, it’s great to be able to say “I was once tight like that, but give it time”.  Bill’s ability to relate to the athletes and show them what progress looks like helps them want to follow him.

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Charmaine has been CrossFitting for over 5 years. On why she wanted to coach, Charmaine says: “Legends is where I started, so I just wanted to give back.”

When Charmaine started with Legends, she was headed for a total knee replacement. We remember the pain she expressed when she tried to squat or get up from a chair. But over time, she got stronger (a lot stronger) and the pain subsided. While it’s not gone, a knee replacement isn’t in her near future!

Charmaine loves the barbell, as most women do. When a woman feels strong, everything in her life is better – Charmaine can attest to that!  Her favorite movement is anything barbell or lifting weight.

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Donna has the type of personality you want in a CrossFit coach: she’s kind, yet direct. Not many people have the natural compassion to both tell you what you need to do better and do it in such a way that makes you WANT TO!

While organized sports may have been absent in Donna’s upbringing, her love of being outside, playing, climbing trees, and being generally outdoorsy (and riding horses!) has given her the ability to move well in our sport. Or maybe it was the ballet training…strength and mobility? Regardless, Donna moves very well and provides a great example for others her age.

Like all of our coaches, Donna loves and excels at the barbell. Deadlifts and power cleans are right up her alley.

A great quote from Donna: “Knowing I am hopefully doing what I can to ensure a good quality of life makes me feel in control of my life, rather than letting life happen to me”.  Well said!

We were so proud to see Donna and two other “senior” coaches/athletes attend the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar in November of 2021. Forever learners, and constantly improving both their minds and bodies…our team!

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Carolyn comes to us from the midwest as a long-time CrossFitter, and is one of our youngest coaches. Being a little younger gives here both perspective with our younger (55-65 year old) athletes as well as enhanced compassion for the older athletes as she sees into her future. Carolyn moves well as an athlete and has a great ability to demonstrate movements which, as most people are visual learners, helps her easily guide our athletes into the best positions for them. Carolyn’s bio coming soon…



Moana is a CrossFitter of over 12 years and a coach of over 10 years, in addition to being a physical therapist by trade. Moana’s real name is Mylene, but she’s officially nicknamed Moana based on her audible cries during her workouts!  Moana’s expertise is in movement and building confidence. Together, we create an athlete who moves well and knows it! Full bio coming soon…



Nicole has been a CrossFitter for 12+ years and a coach for 10 years. Nicole is also a Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant. Like many of our coaches we have a stacked team with Coach Nic. Nic developed and ran the CrossFit Kids Program at our former affiliate for over 8 years. Her love of movement and athleticism at any age makes her an invaluable coach.  Full bio coming soon.



Falon comes to us by way of Idaho! That charming midwestern spirit will draw you and make you fitter at the same time! Falon has had a love of CrossFit for many years. Originally joining us as an athlete at the younger box, Falon fit right in. Friendly…almost like a combination of Miss Congeniality and the Concierge, all wrapped up in a super fit, inviting package! Fast forward to today, and Falon has her CrossFit Level 1 and is geared up to help YOU move better.

Being one of the younger coaches, it’s easy to see with Falon what the movements should look like. Luckily, she’s keen on age so her patience helps guide us as we try to mirror her movements with a few age-related restrictions. She’s an amazing coach – patient, funny, and spirited! We’re super lucky to have her on our team.




Scott comes to CrossFit with the perfect combination of both education and past circumstances to be “your coach”. Scott, like several of your coaches, has an advanced degree in exercise science…coupled with the CrossFit certification, this is the perfect combination! Adding to that his age and several physical injuries and obstacles he’s had to overcome, trust us, “he gets it”. He gets what arthritis and joint pain feels like, and what an acute injury feels like. His skills and compassion combine to create the perfect coach: he gets how you feel, and yet he can help you achieve your goals safely.

Scott’s CrossFit career began as he added CrossFit to a bodybuilding-style training regime. In addition to Muay Thai and his professional sport through the Protection Sports Association, Scott is well rounded and has a lot of life experience to help guide an older CrossFitter through the rigors of moving like a young person.