Friday, May 24th Workout

Friday, May 24th Workout

Reminder: Box is closed Monday for Memorial Day! And today we'll tackle Memorial Day Murph and all the don't let what's below scare you. Today we honor a CrossFit hero: Michael Murphy's Workout. "Murph" sacrificed his own life for that of his team during combat. It's this type of heroism, sacrifice and honor that

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GrandMastersRx Seminar


This seminar not only culminates with how to create and program a “Legends Program”, or a physical training program for seniors 65 years of age to 100, but it also educates the attendee as two “why” and “how to” (safely, yet not so passively we don’t get results).  Participants will learn invaluable anatomy and physiology of both an aging body but also common pathologies seen in the elderly population, taking the fear out of training the most amazing generation of our time!

GrandMastersRx Products

GrandMastersRx will ultimately provide the following:

  • Downloadable instruction manual, A-Z, how to create and run a Legends or “GrandMastersRx” Program.
  • Programming: monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Business Templates
  • Business Coaching/Mentoring