Yes, the photo above shows 20+ athletes standing at the whiteboard getting ready to train. 20 seniors ages mid-60s to 95 in this class. All at once. At the same time. Using barbells. Jumping and shuttle running. We must be nuts – someone’s going to get hurt, right?

I won’t answer that rhetorical question. But the point of it is to illustrate our volume and our injury rate, which is negligent. Of course, we want ZERO injuries, but some minor irritation is expected when you take a person of advanced years and ask them to move well, and a lot.

Below is a link to our educational site’s blog where we disclose our injury rate and discuss the hows and whys of tracking it.

GrandMastersRx Injury Rate

While our goal is ZERO, with anything we do there’s a risk. Heck, the number of our athletes who’ve hurt their shoulders walking their dogs is greater than our 9-year injury rate!