Monday Motivation: Don’t wish for it, work for it!

It’s June, people! And IT’S HOT!

Ways to acclimate to the heat:

  • Well….it’s not sitting in the AC all day and then coming to the box and being in the heat 1 hour a day – make yourself spend time (start slow) in the heat – trust us, your body will thank you.
  • Hydrate. Drink before, during and after your workouts.
  • Mind your sweat rate and ensure you’re replacing the essential electrolytes if you sweat a lot: salt, potassium, magnesium, calcium…
  • Wear lightweight, breathable clothing.
  • Consider a cooling towel.
  • Take breaks and find a fan.

Okay – so our Monday three rounds will have us working on:

  1. wall balls
  2. plate ground to overhead
  3. farmer carries

Then, in teams to break up the rest and help with rep counting, we’ll tackle some AMRAPs of pushups, body rows and squats – leaning into our gymnastics strength.

Solid Monday. You get a gold star for showing up today! 🙂