SQUAT, PRESS, DEADLIFT…you should know this by know! THIS is our Wednesday work.

Today we’ll low bar backsquat for our squat.

And then “sneakily” we’ll tackle a traditional CF workout called Diane, with masters’ variation. In teams of 2, both doing full reps, you’ll do reps of 21-15-9 BB deadlifts and DB push press. We’re good at deadlifts, but our range on the push press is rough – yes, age but also years of not trying to achieve full range with poor posture will do it! So focus on the overhead today – reach up and try to push those elbows straight and THEN pull the arms back toward and past the ears….make this your priority – not the DL – you’re already good at that!

It’s 45 reps of each – hence the team work for scheduled rest.

Happy Hump Day!