Monday Motivation: Don’t wish for it, work for it!

It’s June, people! And IT’S HOT!

It’s still hot, people, but allegedly we’re expecting rain this week. Hopefully we’ll see some lower temps, but almost guaranteed: higher humidity. Keep hydrating and taking breaks when you need them.

Our Monday three rounds will have us working on:

  1. jump rope – try to advance from whatever progression you’re currently at. Just because you “always do jumps on a bar” doesn’t mean that’s where you’ll always be.
  2. heavy KB DLs
  3. Inch worms – the precursor to a burpee: getting your hands on the floor and loading the shoulders – WORK ON IT!
  4. DB HPC&J – if you’re not savvy with the acronyms, make that a goal. We’re a place to “grow”, not grow old – get with the program!

In the end, we’ll work high rounds of body rows (pulling) and dball slams (pulling DOWN).

Solid Monday. You get a star for showing up today, and a gold star for trying something new – more challenging.