We recently saw a social post congratulating members for attendance – the 100 class club, and the “most consistent in the month” award. Both of those are great because they show commitment, and with commitment comes frequency, which we all know be a key in results. The more frequently we’re exposed to a movement the better we get at it and the easier it is to get stronger with it. Piece of cake.

But what if those generic numbers (# classes attended a month) were equated to something – like measurable results tallied from observable, repeatable movements…true results of fitness, not attendance? I mean, come on…we all know the people who come to class every day and “go through the motions”. Showing up is 1/2 the battle, but putting in the work is the other half. We want to measure what happens with “the other half”!

What if we measured benchmarks and promoted our members/athletes for that? Benchmarks such as:

  • max # airsquats in a minute, unbroken
  • 5 rep max deadlift
  • distance traveled (run, walk, row, bike) in 2 minutes or 10 minutes
  • max # burpees or pushups in a minute

What if the “stuff” we put out on social to…well you know…what everyone does these days to sensationalize their business…what if what we put out there really mattered?

And here we go with our point and our “push” for our athletes…

We know some of you show up and put the work in. Ed brags about the attendance and the performance of the 7 am class ALL THE TIME. It’s one of the busiest classes, and the results we’re seeing are amazing. We see results, we celebrate results and now, we’re going to showcase them (I was just told showcase was a better word than exploit🤗 – so showcase it is!). We can list every athlete in that 20 member class and where they are and where they were in loads, movements, and capacity – all improving. That is a class where almost every athlete is pushing the team average up. (If you haven’t read “Are you bringing the class average up or down?” there’s a connection here). This doesn’t happen everywhere, and if you’re partnered with someone who doesn’t stimulate you do be better – ask a coach for another partner. Seriously…this is about putting in the work to get results. We’re not 20 anymore where we barely have to put forth effort and we get better. We have to work hard at it – which sucks – but that’s the way it is.

Measure your fitness. Pay attention. Take notes on your phone, an app, or a book. Look back at those notes or app and make sure you’re progressing. We should not have to track your loads or count your reps. CrossFit is a learning sport – part of our benefit is thinking while training – doing math, estimating your ability. While maybe with Silver Slippers you can get away with that, you can’t here. That would be “taking up space” and you know how we feel about that 😂😂😂. Remember the “social membership” where you can come and hang out for $25.0 a month but not train….just kidding, but it’s actually a brilliant idea!

Ok – off soapbox…you may continue on with your day.