What does that even mean? “Bringing down the class average?” or “Bringing up the class average?”

Well, let me tell you!

We (Ed and I) are HUGE fans of group training. I can tell you that I can only think of two instances where I know someone who through private training or training by themselves trumps group training (and one instance is a client, and she’s an anomaly, and the other is my husband). Coach Gregg Glassman once said, and I’m paraphrasing because I can’t find the actual quote…

No one ever set a PR in their basement training alone.

Of course, there are outliers, but in the hundreds, and dare I say, thousands of athletes, clients, and friends I’ve known, trained, and been acquainted with, a very small percentage can train (read: “exercise”) EFFECTIVELY alone. Having a training buddy helps, but having a “tribe” is the answer.

Group training (the way we do it) holds you accountable, challenges you, allows you to work hard and not feel sorry for yourself, and more importantly, feel good about your results. You see them, your fellow athletes seem them, and we see them…we exploit your gains to pump up your tribe so everyone rises together. It’s an amazing environment!  Just this Wednesday, our PR bells rang all dang day.

So the question I pose to my “elder” athletes is this: Do you bring up your class average? or, do you bring it down?

What does that mean?

Let’s paint a picture. The class is lifting – let’s say it’s a Wednesday.  Or even a Friday, when we hit more high-intensity work. You’re lifting with a buddy and they want to go up…do you say “Heck yea – let’s do it!” and help them load the bar? Or do you drag them back because you don’t want to go up?  On a team-based Friday when your partner is on fire…like, doing really well…do you say “slow down…I’m tired” or do you offer to let them take your reps so you can rest and give them the opportunity to do more – be more?  My question is, are you a drag? OMGosh I said it! 😬  Are you a Debby Downer? Are you a complainer? Are you?

Think about it: You’re in the gym…the place you PAY TO TRAIN…one hour, three times a week. Some of you are there five times a week. Why are you there? To get better? To get stronger? To improve your health? To “burn calories”🙄?  (blech…I hope not!).  I certainly hope you’re not there to recite your list of aches and pains…and woes. I mean, your class is only an hour…and we have work to do!

This is your wake-up call…for some of you at least. Do you bring up your class average? Are you high-fiving your fellow athletes? Are you watching them when you’re resting between your sets? Are you inspired by their work ethic and improvement? Do you tell them? Do you notice? If you are, and if you do, you are bringing UP the class average. Good for you, and thank you!

If you are not…if you spend half your time complaining about your (insert body part here), or thinking of reasons you DON’T want to try something new or even a “new load”…if you are more worried about “getting hurt” than getting better,  you are officially your own worst enemy. You are officially in your own way and it will be hard for you to progress. We call this a fixed mindset, versus a growth mindset. And fixed eventually slides backward, so it might be time to take a look inward and ask yourself if you’re ready to give up.

We want you to progress, get better, stronger, fitter, be healthier. But that takes work, a positive attitude, and consistency. It’s what we want for you. But we can only help: you’re in control.

Do us a favor – do the people who love you and want more for you a favor. TRY. We promise it will pay dividends. #aggressivelyhelpful #notbossy #maybebossy