Hump Day!

The image above – “Oh my aching knees”.

Let’s do something about that…and before we talk about “hacks” and supplements and even “prescriptions”, let’s talk about the elephant in the room:

  • Your diet – anti-inflammatory foods are: clean (I didn’t say lean, I say “clean”) meats, veggies, fruits, roots, tubers, some grains…what am I missing? Probably 1/2 of your refrigerator! Point made. You are in control.
  • Your sleep – dark, cold room. No blue screens within an hour of bedtime. Titrate DOWN liquids so you’re not up all night peeing. Clean carbohydrates included in dinner. No napping (zaps quality nighttime sleep). Higher level of activity and stimulation during the day. The lazier you are during the day the worse your sleep at night.
  • Your activity – as stated above, humans were meant to move. Move a lot during the day.
  • Your strength – or lack thereof. Muscle mass performs high level functions for us as we age. Let muscle decline and you’ll suffer the consequences both physically and metabolically. Do things that make you stronger every day.
  • Your heart and lungs – you need to work them too! Your heart is a muscle. It’s meant to work.
  • Your hydration – what are you hydrating with? Water, tea? Or sodas and coffee? Clean it up! (see bullet #1)
  • Are you happy and fulfilled? If not, trust us, your mood is dark and your “symptoms are worse”.

We aren’t trying to be Debbie Downers here, but you are in control of all of the things above. If these things are not on point, no supplement or pain/longevity hack is going to help you. Time to work, people!

Our Hump Day work is beautifully straightforward and simple today:

BB Back squat

DB Hang Power Clean

Barbell DL

Yes, it will take an hour…happy lifting!