The Open is coming!

Yes, the details have been released.

You can register on January 9th for the 2024 CrossFit Open.

The Open starts with the 24.1 being announced on Thursday, March 29th, and subsequently, Ed will program 24.1 into our workouts for Friday so we can practice, and then we’ll doing the judging on Saturday. Now, a few things have change….

  • As most of you know, Ed and I are not “running” the box. We are running your program 100%. But Melissa is now in charge of CF Weaver Park, or the “box” itself. We also have a traditional or “younger” program (sorry OBG!) happening within our space now, too. So, we have to share!  We’ll have more details of how we’ll orchestrate the actual judging in February, and how our heats will shape up. So be patient, more to come.
  • Practice: yea…this is a bit of a buggar. As you know, Ed and I have been trying to use non-coaching and training time to get back on track with the educational platform, among other things. We will likely not host the volume of Saturday training sessions like we have in the past, but we’ll continue to put movements and intensities in your regular training to prepare you…but stay tuned.
  • Yes, you will be competing on the floor with younger people this year. We’ll continue to organize this to make it safe and motivating…think of it like this: you’ll have more company, more spectators….just more!

We’re excited for the 2024 season!