Saturday and Sunday, January 20-21 GMRX and CrossFit Weaver Park is hosting the physical therapy continuing education seminar entitled “The Modern Management of the Older Adult”. Just what does this mean? Well, if you know us, you know we press hard against the mainstream prescription for senior health, fitness…and nutrition for that matter. We believe in a much more progressive regiment of training for those of us over 55 than what is commonplace in the media, with personal trainers, AND with the medical community. Seniors are not frail…we treat them frail-y and they become that way. We tell them NOT to do things, so they don’t, and now they can’t. We offer too much help with daily activities from how commonplace raised toilet seats are to the use of a cart for three plastic bags full of groceries from Publix.  And again, if you know us, you know that’s not how we roll. We found another organization doing the same thing.  We support like-minded individuals!

The Institute of Clinical Excellence, creating Physical Therapists version 2.0, is an organization that presents a continuing education course called Modern Management of the Older Adult (among many other courses). Ed attended this last year (and I tagged along). It was a great course, and we connected with so many like-minded individuals!

About the Modern Management of the Older Adult Course

(from the MMOA website) Designed for rehabilitation and fitness professionals who want to elevate their skill set in the management of older adults. The size of this population is growing rapidly, unfortunately, the desire to manage them with cutting-edge evidence-guided treatment has lagged well behind. Too often we see our older adults getting under-treated, both with exercise and manual therapy, apparently as a consequence of both fear and ignorance.

Take a deep dive into exploring myths and misconceptions of aging while laying out a clear current best-evidence pathway to enable our older adults to not only survive but to thrive. A special emphasis is placed on progressive functional fitness in this population to stave off functional decline.

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This is a 2 day course and provides 16 continuing education credit hours.

The box will be re-organized that weekend. The Team WOD will be relocated and there will be no Open Gym.