Ed and Cassandra doing the "PT Thing" and drilling down program details for the launch of her program in Lake City,. FL!

Hump Day Strength!

Weak. Things. Break.  Rinse and repeat.

Today we’re back to Paul T’s fave: the barbell.

We’ll front AND back squat, working on that low bar back squat…yes, it’s a thing contrary to those who…we’ll, don’t know what it is!😂😂😂. We combine the front and the low bar back squat so that we target a different torso angle and the glutes/quads and hamstrings a little differently in the same set.

Our overhead will require a clean to the get the bar on the shoulders, and then a push press or push jerk…the one you are either best at or working on.

Finally, we’ll do four sets of DL’s and then a max effort set at 50% of our 4th set working weight.

Simple and effective. Our favorite type of Wednesday.