This should be a trivia question! This is where it all started. This little monkey and his pineapple grenade are from a company called Tokidoki. Ed bought this for me in 2009 and said "Let's start a CrossFit Gym"! He sits in my closet as a reminder of the beginning, and the "fun" that was supposed to be from CrossFit and making others healthier.

WEAK THINGS BREAK (from Westside Barbell)

Our strength today is atypical.

We’ll kick off with a DL (which we usually end with). Then, Wednesday Bench Press…again, not the norm but we know you’ll love it.

Our ongoing focus this quarter is “gymnastics” or calisthenics…so we’re pushing as our final piece. We don’t typically realize that our bodyweight movements are also building strength, and probably more essential strength (getting up off the floor and helping to pull up a friend of spouse who’s fallen) than the barbell, sometimes! So, we’ll tackle a metcon with push-ups and V-ups in it. You don’t realize how much you use your core in pushups until we “smoke it” with V-ups, making the pushups harder. This is a fun sneaky ending to your Wednesday!