Happy Birthday to our one and only Bevvy (yesterday!), who does a great job reminding me that some of our coaching challenges are not solely because of the age of the athlete….because at 81 Bev works more like a 40-year-old. Seriously, this type of senior who’s on it and plans and takes her health seriously is inspiring! Happy Birthday, Bevvy! Also in this category is John D. Another Octogenarian who has the spirit and drive of a young person! Happy Birthday (TODAY) John!

So, we’re back to a more traditional strength day today.  Good old barbell back squat. Remember, we prefer the low bar back squat for our age demographic because:

  • the low bar position challenges shoulder mobility which we lack.
  • the low bar position inclines the torso more allowing for a greater recruitment of the glutes and hammies, AND,
  • with that incline, we keep the knee joint open more which is easier on arthritic knees.

Our press is a challenging one…narrower grip on an odd object.

And our hinge is also challenging – with a single-leg deadlift.

Weak. Things. Break.