Congrats Pete

Happy Monday Folks!

We have several Birthdays in the house: Doug T was Sunday, and several of our 7am class are Monday: Bill Z, Jan D, and Paul T! Wishing you a lovely day!

Now…back to the task at hand…an excellent Monday!

You four rounder, not time stamped so hop to it,  will see:

  • double DB thrusters – ouch!
  • our famous “rope-a-dope” in high reps
  • some medium and heavy-weighted KB DL’s
  • And …well let’s just keep how many burpees a secret until you show up. 😬

This will take the majority of your class, but we will cash out with a fun challenge. Disclaimer: you will be chasing your own lacrosse balls…it’s part of the drill that YOU, not your coaches, pick it up! You’ll be bounce passing, alternating throwing and catching hands…but also trying to balance on one leg where able. Have fun with this!

Have a great rest of your Monday.