We know… we know…you’re depressed because the Front Squat cycle is over, right? Thought that would get a little laugh out of ya!

Ok! So, our Strength-biased Wednesday starts with a combo of back and front squats – yes, both. Sorry! (Not really).  Then our overhead is another combo move of HPC & J…which you guys should be thinking…”Dang! I wish my family could see this. They think I’m old and I’m back and front squatting, and then working on Olympic lifts….right! You’re a badass!”. But I digress… you’ll see some hanging rig knee-ups with that Oly work.  And finally, yes, our Barbell deadlifts – we love these! You’ll be working on walking lunges in between.

Finally, in teams, you’ll tackle A LOT (yes, a really lot!) of Ring Rows…sneaky Murph Prep.

Have fun with this! And remember our Wednesday motto: Weak.  Things.  Break.  That’s why we do what we do.