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RIIIIIIIIGHT! And as Ed proofed this he said: “Sam: pull it together…it’s “Shape up or ship out”. We’re both so tired it was too funny to change. And then Ed Googled it to make sure he was right…check out this “definition of “shape up or ship out”:  used as an ultimatum to someone to improve their performance or behavior or face being made to leave….well, isn’t that apropos!

I made some bold statements this past Friday in your classes.

Those of you who are constantly MIA (missing in action…not attending…taking up a registered spot in a class and not showing up) need to take heed, along with those who are showing up but maybe not taking the program as seriously as we are.

Ed and I (Sam here, obviously) take what we do seriously.  If we didn’t, we’d be in traditional jobs enjoying our weekends, and not messaging you all at all hours of the night and day and weekend, and not worrying about you and your progress 24/7. Your progress is important to us – we are passionate about what we do – at “our age”/ “your age”…lack of progress yields a decline, REALLY QUICK. Those of you who are older (maybe 80+) MAY feel like “at least you’re maintaining”…that’s because you’re pushing hard in class (and congratulations on that!). Your efforts are preventing decline. Those of you who aren’t pushing and trying to do a little more on the days when you can handle it, trust us…WE SEE IT. Your deadlift is stagnant, your press is “meh”, and your squat is getting higher and higher. Good luck hitting that toilet seat without a crash and getting up from your friends’ low couch.

Our program has always been designed for progress, not maintenance. As I mentioned Friday, there’s always “Silver Slippers” if that’s what you’re looking for! I sort of meant it in jest – poking fun at the name – but you know I’m dead serious. While you may have been offended…we have a waiting list and Ed and I feel horrible we can’t take all who want to train with us right now. What if those on the waiting list need us AND are willing to put in the work?

Every once in a while we have to make this stand. We know…this is also insanely social to many of you. CrossFit is to us too. The members at Rebels were our family (OG members still are). I was semi-serious about the “social” membership..imagine…for $25.00 a month you can arrive with your class, talk through the whiteboard discussion, sit in the playground and stretch and hang out – you don’t have to do any of the work, and then re-up with your class in the end like nothing ever changed…rinse and repeat. While we aren’t going to activate this idea…it IS a nice illustration of what we feel might need to happen to allow others who are willing to put forth some work and improve to train with us.

And, so you don’t think this just “mean ol’ Sam” on the mic because I’m the hammer…here’s the big boss and the talent to follow up:


Hello Athletes! Yes, it is Ed on the keyboard! I’ve had an amazing career as a Physical Therapist, researcher, international lecturer, and owner of many, many physical therapy outpatient clinics. And yes, I have several initials and certifications to my name.

Since 2015, I have been 100% focused on the health and wellness of those over 60 years of age with the average age being 78-74. We have now treated over 100,000 athlete encounters. I feel I have been there for every single one of those encounters. 8 years ago, science had yet to keep up with what an “aging, senior” adult should do to maintain their independence. We knew by 2017 what needed to happen in order to allow you to live a happier, healthier, and independent life! In 2021, Sam & I made a six-figure investment in order to create and build a State of the Art facility, your gym, for the aging athlete. And by “aging” we weren’t talking about 40-year-olds. We have “put our money where our mouth is” to create this facility.

Group fitness isn’t new to me. I started grouping “like” humans together in 1985 treating total knee patients. 99% of the time, groups work. There is usually, at least 1 athlete, that chooses to “pull” the class in the right direction in a positive, upward trajectory.

For those of you that wish to “pull” the others backward, please step aside. In order for you to maintain your independence…living in your home, traveling to see your grandkids or family, feeding yourselves, self-grooming which includes cleaning your own rear end, picking things off the ground, and for goodness sake, getting off the ground should you stumble…YOU MUST CONTINUALLY CHALLENGE YOURSELF. Specifically, you must work harder in terms of the loads you can move, move faster in terms of your cardiovascular capabilities, and “stretch” further in order to maintain functional mobility. I’m always asked if I’m worried my athletes will hurt themselves while training with me. I must admit, I’m offended by the question, recognizing that a “sports-related pain” that limits your training for a few weeks might set you back for life. But, and hear me clearly, try being weak with no “reserves”.

I fear weakness much more than injury!  What will happen if you don’t remain strong, fit, and mobile? The first “accident”: a fall with a broken hip, or how about COVID? These incidents will kill you…literally. The benefits of pushing yourself, just 3 hours per week with highly compassionate and incredibly well-trained coaches should be a no-brainer. The atmosphere in your gym is 110% created to make you feel young. There is NOTHING to make you feel old, slow, feeble, weak, or dying. STOP allowing your friends, your family, the media, and your physicians to make you into OLD PEOPLE. That’s right “OLD” people. You remember the phrase, “Age is just a number”…live by that!

Why have Samantha & I made another very serious financial investment just 1 month ago into the GMRX program?

    • First…because it works!
    • Second…because FINALLY, after 8 years of us starting this program, science has caught up with reality.
    • Third, 65++++ is the fastest-growing population.
    • Fourth, because the aging population is sicker than EVER before. You might live to 80+ but in what condition?

COACH ED’S FINAL WORDSThis should be on a billboard somewhere. 

You have a choice.

You have something to say about how you feel and how you live out your life.

You are more in control than you realize.

Stop allowing others to say, “Wait until you get to be my age!” as if it’s a threat. I know many, many 85-90+-year-olds that are rocking it. I choose to be like them. They inspire me.

I believe in the phrase, with all my being, “Live long, die fast.” YOU MUST NOT BE HAPPY WITH MAINTAINING WHERE YOU ARE!

How about next week, next month, next quarter, or next year…are you OK with sliding “backward” in your strength, your mobility, and your ability to walk around the grocery store?

Your mind allows you to justify your definition of “maintaining” your health when things are “easy” for you. EASY DOESN’T WORK…there are no “easy shortcuts.” Remember that and live by that. However, if you choose not to live by that saying, please, don’t pull our caring and incredible coaching staff and our amazing community of BADASS, inspiring, and pioneering senior athletes down.

We care about you and if you’re reading this but I do believe in the phrase, “the good of the many, the good of the few.” I choose to make my athletes better, stronger, and fitter because I care about them. It is my mission, and some say my legacy, to PUSH my athletes to SUPREME HEALTH. That is my goal and I will not lose this battle. Respect your fellow athletes, your coaches, and your community, and work hard. If you choose not to work hard, be prepared to get run over.     

In the end, Ed and I tried to video record this and in reading over both our blog pieces, we both got kind of teary-eyed and aborted it. Yes, we’re a little tired. But also, so passionate about this that it makes us sad and mad at the same time to be thinking this way. Get on it guys – we’re not asking you to do anything we aren’t / wouldn’t do …it’s protective for your future and ours.  Hence the title: I’m not crying, you’re crying. It would have made sense it we could have made it through the video.