Weak. Things. Break. <- our Wednesday Motto


Today’s a special day – sort of a Hero WOD. Today we pay tribute to Coach Trish’s Grandson, Theo Huff. We lost Theo to a rare form of pediatric cancer around 6 years ago. His birthday is March 22nd – today! When this happened, Coach Nic created a workout for the CrossFit Kids at Rebels to do in his honor. Shortly thereafter Coach Paul tweaked that workout for the adult classes. Today we’ll tweak it again for our classes.

Here is the original workout:

“A Tribute to Theo”

For time:
22 cal row
17x box jumps 30/24”
15x DL 183/135
12x C&J
9x FS
6 Rounds
   30x DU
6x BFB

25’ cap

GMRx for Theo – Teams of 2

For time – heats every 5 minutes (row)
22 cal row
34x BJ or step up 20/18/15/12”
30x Dbl DB DL
24x Dbl DB C&J
9x Dbl DB FS
6 Rds
6x burpee

25’ cap

Join us in celebrating the life of little Theo today!