Here we go – another week after what we’re sure was a decadently green and frothy weekend!


Today our 4 round Monday will see the following:

  • Pushups …and guys: let’s swallow the ego and the hard, right thing here. Lower the bar. Don’t go to a band unless you ‘re really good on a red one – blue’s OK but if you MUST be on a blue band, do a few rounds on a low bar. Nothing good ever comes without effort and pushups are no different.
  • Ring rows…well how about that – a push and then a pull. Get those fists to the rings. Get a nice squeeze between your shoulder blades at the top and keep your bodies as tight as you can. Tighter is lighter…in everything we do.
  • Double DB hang squat cleans and thrusters – have fun with this!
  • Planks

With about 20 minutes left in class, we’ll team up and work on some barbell skills with the hang power clean. Your coaches met on Saturday and there was a lot of discussion on the early arm pull in the clean. We’re much better from the hang than from the deck, so take this opportunity to listen to your coaches and work the second and third pulls with some lighter loads and confidence.