This is our Veterans Day Workout. Teams of 2-3. 

Scaled reps will be available – don’t stress out with the “1000”.

This Veterans Day we honor the CrossFit Hero Chad Wilkinson. Read his story here: CHAD1000X

HUMP DAY ends our 10 week, 10 rep DL Cycle. A veteran coach said this last week: Isn’t it amazing that someone can do their 2 rep max 10 times now? What this tells us is our athletes, regardless of age, have gotten both stronger, and more confident in the movement of the deadlift – or picking up from the floor and putting down onto the floor (in case your doctor doesn’t like the word “deadlift”).  We can’t wait to mine this data and let you know how our little box did!


After our DLs, we’ll push press and pull as an accessory.

Finally, and finally (because we know you’re sick of us talking about Grace!) we’ll work again on the second pull of the clean. We still need work on getting up and keeping those elbows straight-ish.

Oh, and so REALLY FINALLY,  we’ll cash out with some situps!

Happy Hump Day!