Above is the 2023 CrossFit Games Season Schedule. 

We know…only 30% of you really care. And that’s OK. But here’s our position: we think at least 60% of you WANT TO but won’t admit it. So…THERE’S a majority. Second position in favor: you all “CrossFit”. This is a part of it so we will support the sport of CrossFit. And final position: while some of you (less than 30%) “don’t care” about “The Open/CrossFit Games Season”…we think maybe you find just the tiniest inspiration watching your fellow athletes participate. We won’t say “compete”, but “participate”.  So….here we go! (insert applause here!)

We’ll introduce a new movement in the workout today. While we think it’s “functional” and relevant, it’s not foundational…or should it be? Show up to find out. But show up with this mindset: I should be able to do this. Now…some, probably 30% of you won’t be able to. But does not being able to do it mean you don’t want to? Or that you won’t try to work through the FIRST progression on the list to get there. And I know…some of you are saying “why bother.” Because Ed and I are on a soapbox (that will hopefully soon go viral!) that we are such a soft society it’s killing us:

if we can’t, we don’t

if we can’t, we won’t try because it’s “hard”

if we can’t, we don’t have the humility to admit it

if we can’t, we won’t put the effort into plan on “how TO DO” in the future

if we can’t, we just give up

YOU are the toughest generation out there. Don’t give in to can’t. Shoot – Ed can’t DL 500# (right now), but that doesn’t mean he may not aspire to that (actually, I’m his wife and I want him around for a while so I won’t let him try that…bad example! haha!). Ed still aspires to do more than he currently can in every aspect of life…maybe except learning social media! Bah ha ha ha! OK, enough picking on Ed, you get my point!  Do more. Be more. LIfe will get bigger and more interesting. We promise.

Now, back to the workout:

Monday’s four-rounder will see the following: core work, “ground to overhead”, burpees!, and step-ups…preparing for Veterans Day – lots of step ups!

A “veer” from the norm – we’ll back squat today.

Finally, teams of 2 some solid grunt work. We love grunt work…heavy carries relay style.

Great Monday, team!