Happy Birthday tomorrow to our TONY! (said with a loud voice!), and to Jean J on Sunday! Hope you guys have a great day!


Join us for a great competition-style workout event.

There will also be shirts for sale, new stickers!, travel mugs for pre-order, a bake sale fundraiser for our 501c3, raffles and a silent auction for fun things, and SNACKS! We’ll be at the box from 8am (opening ceremonies are at 7:45am) until 11:00 ish. Join us!

Our training for today will be multi-pronged – for those NOT competing in the Grace event tomorrow, you will do Grace, for time, with a 10-minute cap. Excited to see progress from the last time we did her in May. Those competing tomorrow will have the opportunity to work on strategy and secure the loads you want to use tomorrow. After, we’ll hit up some gymnastics and call it a day!

Excited for the festivities tomorrow!