Check out Gene. He’s 82, and we’re working on the straight arm “pull” in the clean. We’ve reduced the ROM to the hang because we’re currently better from the hang. We’ll add drills to work on the transition from the first to second pull soon. Right now, however, check out this great hang clean and how quickly he gets under the bar to receive it. Whoever says fast twitch muscle fibers can’t be rebuilt as we age is completely wrong! Way to go Gene!

Our heavy day this week will bring us one of our favorites with the squat: the combo front squat/back squat – barbell from the rack. Also, a strict press, and a dumbbell single-leg deadlift. Our alternating movements today are pretty spicey. It’ll be a slow grind.

We’ll spend most of the day lifting and cash out with some easy core work.

One hour of getting stronger. Spend the remaining 15 hours today making good choices – be active, eat right, laugh till you can’t stand it! (we have you 8 hours to sleep 😉