From our work with athletes in private sessions:

In the video above, first, check out the thought, intent and contemplation here as “Wendy” begins working on her toes to bar. We’re working on the beat swing or kipping swing. We’re working on kipping pull ups. And we’re working on kipping toes to bar. Sometimes the movements come before the rhythm. As a coach, you celebrate the wins and sandwich it with skills and drills and to bring the whole process together. The wins here are “toes to bar” and a great tightness in the hollow. Our skills and drills are working on the speedy link between the toes to bar contact with the bar and the hollow swing. As a coach, remember to not be stuck on one way of teaching…telling someone “not to double pump” between kipping swings doesn’t help. Find the drills that connect and add them to their work list. Be a good coach and take responsibility! It’s never the athlete – it’s the coach.

Today our four rounder will bring you pull up progressions, KB single suitcase DL’s, jump rope and BB cleans from the deck.  We’ll spend a good amount of time here.

Next, some difficult core work with dumbbells, and finally, a short conditioning drill for time.

Seem simple? We shall see!