Check out Mike's squat. He came to us with severe ankle mobility issues secondary to surgical fixation on the left and limitation in the right lower leg due to issue with his back. His squat is progressing amazingly...beyond what we could have expected. Patience. Planning. Persistence. The new :3 P's!

Our strength day this week is amost absent of the barbell! Oh no! OH YES! Odd objects are a great reprieve from the balanced barbell. We see better what our weaknesses are. So get to it!

Our squat will be a kettlebell goblet squat – poking at your depth and torso position. See if you can get your hamstrings to say hello to your calves.

Our press is the second phase of the hang clean and jerk, or push press if your mobility limits a jerk.

And our hinge is a DBall pick up/over shoulder, adding a lunge to the second movement in this set.

Finally, we’ll finish with some much-needed pushing – still working on pushups.

Happy Hump Day!