Education! The key. The key to good coaching, the key to good communication, and the key to a safe CrossFitting future.  (Ed and Falon above – working through some shoulder stuff.

Monday, mid-June and it’s HOT AS HADES!

Reminder: hydrate, wear light clothing, rest when needed.  

Our four-rounder this week includes higher rep air squats – continuing to reinforce the uber-successful squat cycle – get your butts down and keep your chests up! Also, you’ll see the landmines again, and a max effort burpee attempt in a minute.  Seriously – govern your ability to handle that intensity well….work at a pace you can tolerate. Some dumbbell bent-over rows will help slow you down at the end of the cycle.

Next up, heavy holds with a partner. Bear the brunt of your part of the time, keep your posture up, front rack activated, and embrace the tension.

Finally, some coordination and balance – and you’re cooked – literally!

Monday: survived!