The importance of your diet…we believe that the foundation of your training and of your health is your diet. The simpler, the closer to nature and a foods original source, the better. We believe that the concept of the Paleo Diet as a structural hierarchy (not an absolute) is the best starting place. Look at your diet – how much of it comes out of a package, how much of it is cooked in oils that you are unaware of, and how much of it is non-starchy vegetables – the more the better. Natural meats and proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, clean starches like rice, potatoes, oatmeal are better than crackers, bread, etc. Especially if you’re trying to clean things up…clean them up and see how you feel. Your weight may normalize, your performance and energy will go up, and our brain will probably work better. Do it now! Why wait?

Strength day, and week 5 of 10 of our 10 rep back squat. Same as last week: add at least 5# if you can to last week’s load.

BB Strict Press is next – with a high banded pull in between.

And finally, a BB DL – alternating with lunges.

Before we go we’ll work more skills on inch worms and loading the shoulders and overhead squats.

You came, you’re stronger!