Hump Day – Pump Day! Wednesday’s are our strength days and today is no exception. And today is important!

We start our strength day with a 10 rep squat – we’re trying to establish a solid, 10 rep back squat with the barbell…and we’re taking note of the load. For the next 10 weeks we’ll work on progressing this squat – but the caveat is: no depth, no score. That’s right! Depth is always important….if you have a special circumstance (very bad arthritis) where we know we don’t work below parallel but we have a squat target, that’s what we’ll work on and toward. 10 reps is a lot, so this will take it out of us a bit!

Next, we’ll barbell strict and push press, followed by BB DL. We’ll cash out with an EMOM of some upper body postural movements, and we’re done! Sounds easy right? 😈