Above is our new schedule as of January 10th! We’re pretty excited!




Today’s program continues with our Open Training cycle – our Monday 4 Rounder is now a 2 Rounder – of seated pull ups (more difficult progression) and BB power cleans from the deck. Today we’re working on getting our knees out of the way in the first pull and on load.

Next, we’ll work through a really interesting “for time” workout that includes BB DL’s and situps. It’s an opportunity to work on cycling the DL’s and being faster in transitions. And, it’s just a good combination!

Next – some body armor as we call it when we’re working a movement that helps create stability or flexibility, and also some overhead squat work, which is rare in our program.

Finally – a little bodybuilding and we’re done.

Monday’s set the tone for rest of the day. Make it good!