It’s December! The last push toward the end of 2021…and opening the door to 2022. I thought this was funny – meme I found on Instagram:

This was of interest to Ed and me because of the threat of Omicron, the talk of booster on booster on booster, and STILL, no talk on the overwhelming evidence (even if you follow the doom and gloom mainstream media)…that those who are the sickest are largely unhealthy and sick people are succumbing to the virus at higher percentages.  Sure, those of us with generally decent health still got it, even if we had the vaccine, but we’re not the majority who are succumbing. My point to this isn’t to bring on a fight about this, but rather to state, once again, from the shadows where no one is looking or speaking, that the healthier you are the better chance of surviving…EVERYTHING: COVID#1, COVID#2, COVID#3, an attack by Godzilla…seriously. Just us here, harping again that your health is largely within your control.  Get your diet in check, maintain a healthy body weight, work out with loads and intensity, sleep well, be social, rinse and repeat.

And back to our training for today!


But you’re not getting of that easy – first a quick warm-up of burpees and pushups! Yes, Burpees!

Our Squat for today is a Dbl DB FS. Let’s work the front rack position and get used to nailing the position of the back head of the DB on the shoulder. Elbows forward and up. Reps increase each round.

Our Press for today is hard. Period. We’ll use a heavy Wall Ball and Push Press to a wall target.

And our hinge for today is a Romanian Deadlift.

Accessory work after each major lift as usual.

Finally, we’ll finish with a Team Workout focusing on the pull in the clean – straight arms  – “jump/shrug”.

Happy Hump Day!