Hello GrandMastersRx Fam!

Wow, that’s a mouthful…Hello, Legends! That’s better!

Rather than put this in an email newsletter blast, we thought it better to create a linkable post on our website so we can reference it again.

Below are a few things we wanted to remind you of that will help us keep the gym in tip-top shape, keep everyone safe in a time of COVID, and keep things organized. Some of these things have been born out of ideas or tips you all have thrown at us, so please keep the suggestions coming.



  1. Wipe your equipment down after use. Please use the red rags laying on or near the bottles of spray. Always spray the rag, not the equipment. Soaking the dumbbells and plates can cause them to disintegrate. Soaking the barbells can damage the ends. Thanks in advance!
  2. When you’re done with something (barbell, dumbbells, PVC, Dball…) put it away. For some of you, we certainly run equipment back and forth to help speed up setup, or if you’re new and don’t know. But for most of you, we appreciate the return of equipment to where you got it.
  3. If you sweat on, spit on, leave your DNA on, or over-chalk your equipment, wipe it down!
  4. If you don’t know ask! If there’s something you’re unsure about, please ask a coach. There are no silly questions. We would much rather you ask so we can address any issues and not risk injury.
  5. Generally speaking, THANK YOU for being so prompt with your membership dues. Seriously, when we owned Rebels we chased down dues until after the 15th of the month. You guys rock! We truly appreciate it! (as well as the fun notes you write on your checks!)

“THE BOX” (our environment)

  1. Coaches Office  – is for the coaches. Often we have confidential information in there and it’s meant for the coaches only. Sometimes we steal away to “inhale some food” between classes or quickly decompress after a long shift or hard class. Please respect this space as private if we’ve ended up in there.
  2. Coaches only behind the “check-in desk” at the front door – that is also for coaches only – for the same reason as above.
  3. Tripping hazards…yes, they exist. We use Dballs, Dumbbells, Barbells, Plyoboxes, Bumper Plates, Collars…and they all rest on the floor! Life is a tripping hazard…there may be tripping hazards at the box, so watch where you walk, watch where you put things down, and get stronger and faster also you can react faster to said tripping hazards.
  4. We no longer use the air conditioning. Due to COVID, it was the smartest option for us to keep everyone safe. Plus, 99% of you have stated you prefer the fans and open doors. These past few summer months have been hot – we know it. We made a floor plan – all of the coaches conferred on it. We have space against the red walls where the benches reside that we put some of you because we wanted you to have a quick place to sit if you needed to rest. Please respect our “floor plan” – we’re trying to accommodate everyone’s “wants”.


  1. Work hard, within your limits. Put forth the effort to learn, understand and do. You will be rewarded.
  2. CrossFit – and you are doing CrossFit – is hard. It’s inherently hard, but worth it, and fun! Tell yourself: “I can do hard things!”. But know this: there are things about the sport that make it easy for us as coaches to coach you. And by “coach you”, we mean we can see effort. The speed the bar moves, how intense you look doing it, how your body moves…it’s really hard to “sandbag” (put forth less effort than you’re capable of) CrossFit and it not be known to both your coaches and your gym-mates. So work hard. This is not a BootCamp. It’s not a get thin or get fit quick program. It’s a serious strength and conditioning program that builds strength, fitness, posture, confidence and health…but it doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t come easy – for anyone.
  3. We will not focus on what you CAN’T do. Rather we will, and will help you, focus on what you CAN DO. You will see progress this way. Laboring over an old injury, a disability, etc…does no one any good. Focus on the positive and progress…good things will happen.
  4. Do all the work posted or work hard within the timeframe we give you to do the work. It’s common to feel like you’re “behind” and maybe you should just do what you can to “keep up”. but trust us, the workouts are designed for you to do the work posted, in the order posted. We tried to make the Playground (green turf area) comfortable so you can chat and have social time before and after.
  5. Be on time. Please. You know we call you to the whiteboard at exactly the top of the hour. It shows respect for the box, the coaches, and your fellow athletes.  If you are late, sneak in and listen to the discussion so you know what we’re doing. You can do all your setup and put your gear on during the warm-up or after it.
  6. Pay attention at the whiteboard, and to the announcements. Did you catch that? Seriously, it will help you understand the whiteboard and help you become a better athlete. You know who you are! Chatting with friends while the coach in talking, gazing off into space/out the window, rummaging through your gym bag…it’s kind of rude, and we do this so the class runs smoothly and to establish standards and what we expect…imagine having to repeat the whiteboard individually to all 15 people in your class because no one was paying attention! Even the coaches pay attention at the board!
  7. We know how old you are! You don’t have to tell us – repeatedly 🙂 We don’t treat anyone any differently based on their age. We work within your abilities. See #1 above in this section.
  8. Laugh! Come on, we all look funny doing this stuff! Especially you! 😂
  9. Have respect for each other and be courteous. Group environments are so effective when everyone tries.


  1. The P.R. bells (P.R.: personal record)! These bells have been with Ed and Sam for over 12 years. They are from Sam’s family – true Swiss Cow Bells! When you do something you never have, lift more than you ever have, or accomplish a set goal, let everyone know! Ring the bell!
  2. Let the coaches coach. We know you want to be helpful, but our coaches know our athletes: limitations, injuries…and frankly – what and who we recommend. We’re pretty particular with our gear, referrals, and how we progress and athlete through a movement. For example, we have a specific way we progress someone through pushups – where you are might not be where they are; or….we don’t recommend “gloves”. We recommend gymnastics grips – not any more expensive and very effective. Please ask a coach if you have a question.
  3. Form over load. Remember, we want you to move well. There are times during a “workout” when we need to stop you and fix something. But you’re trying to finish in as little time as possible. It’s a sticky wicket! Our biggest struggles with this program: early arm pull on the clean, front rack position and full extension in the overhead press. Remember that, and want to be coached. The more you want to be coached the better you get and the easier it is for us to fix problems.
  4. Always face into the rack. No matter where you are if you’re lifting from a rack, do not pull the bar from the rack and “spin”. Continue facing into the rack to do your press or squat. We (the coaches) are watching you – we promise!
  5. Use chalk in and over bucket. The gymnastics chalk in the red buckets helps you keep a better grip on the bar and barbells (rower handles and dumbbells and wall balls sometimes too!). When you chalk your hands, place your hands in the bucket and apply chalk IN the bucket. It helps reduce the mess.


  1. Please wait in the Playground area until Ed calls your class in to come onto the gym floor. Each class has the floor the full hour – even if we’ve completed our training, allow time for clean up and “and exit”.   Yes, bathrooms are fair game – we’re not telling you “to hold it”. But if you do make your way to the restrooms, please be careful.
  2. Do not walk THROUGH an active class. If you have to use the restroom, please be careful, especially during a fast-paced workout or one that is for time.
  3. Everyone actually has a “spot” on the floor. As of October, there are little taped x’s on the floor. We have a “seating chart” (haha!) if you don’t know where your spot is, just ask. There are reasons why we placed people where we did. Some need more “rest” time, so we use the benches against the red wall. Certainly, you’ll not stay in that spot all the time, especially with the nature of our training, but in order to keep space between everyone in some segments, this will help with “physical distancing”.
  4. Please keep your gym bags in the Playground – only bring to the floor what you need for class. The programming is posted above the small refrigerator in the turf area in case you want to know what you’re doing in advance of being called to the floor.


  1. We are grateful for your referrals! This is the best way to grow a box – in-house, and organically. Back in 2010, Sam had the honor of hearing Coach Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, speak to a group of affiliates – and back then there weren’t that many of us! He talked about keeping your head down, taking care of your athlete, focusing on the basics (virtuosity), and the box will grow. He was right.  Those people known to you that trust you, and want to try us, will also trust us and see the effort you put into this.
  2. For each person you refer who joins our box, we credit your dues 50% the following month! It’s the best investment we can make!
  3. If you have someone who is interested, give them our digits  (phone number) or email and we’ll schedule a time for them to come in and observe a class. That’s step one. After they see a class, meet the athletes and coaches, if they like it, we can take it further. We just don’t put “non-CrossFitters” into the classes to “try it out” without an onramp first.


Here’s the deal: you can’t out-train a bad diet. CrossFit is not a weight loss program. It’s a strength and conditioning program. Only by cleaning up your diet can you truly see the health results you probably desire from our sport. But what does that mean?

    • Lead with protein. The highest quality protein comes from animals – if it has feet, fins, a face, or a soul, it’s probably a good quality protein. Get protein at every meal and with any snack. How much? Men shoot for 6-8 ounces per meal and women 4-5 ounces. Seem like a lot? It’s not. As we get older, our bodies assimilate protein less effectively and efficiently. We need to consume more to reap the benefits of how it repairs and aids in muscle growth. Want to get stronger? Eat more protein.
    • Don’t fear fat. Like eggs and butter, it’s gotten an unfortunately bad and erroneous wrap over the years. Fat does not make you fat (too many refined carbohydrates do!). Fat is satiating and does not cause blood sugar problems. Use it for flavor, cooking, and to add healthy calories to your meals. Olive oil, coconut oil, beef/pork/chicken fat, real butter, cheese…all good sources of fat.
    • Carbohydrates – this is the most confusing! Carbohydrates are: fruits, grains/starches, and vegetables. So when someone says “I’m doing no carb”…DUDE! You need vegetables and fruits. Starches are appropriate in moderation – and the higher quality the better.  We like the Paleo-ish quality starches: all potatoes, white rice, oatmeal…and then the lesser refined grains like quinoa, amaranth, bulgar…the ancient grains if you must. Chick-fil-a, McDonald’s, prepackaged breakfast sandwiches…try to stay away from them. As we get older our macronutrient needs change based on hormones and all the wonderful things that come with advanced age. What used to work probably won’t. You need to experiment with this macronutrient – it’s probably the key to keeping your thyroid upregulated and your energy up!
    • In a nutshell, look at the ingredients. If you don’t know what it is, don’t eat it!


Currently, Ed and Sam offer private or personal training, or small group (3 or less) for specific training goals:

  • Physical therapy, “Pre-habilitation” and post-op rehabilitation (provided by Ed)
  • Strength deficit training – to bring an area of weakness up to speed. For example squat or push-ups – once a week we can program a specific session and give you homework to bring things in line.
  • Skill training – for example, if you’re training for the open, or you’re simply struggling with walking lunges – just like with strength training, we can meet once or twice a week in addition to your class and provide training and homework for enhancing a lagging skill
  • Cardiorespiratory/Cardiovascular deficits – if you feel you just can’t keep up with the paces on Friday, we can add an additional session of higher intensity training to help catch you up.
  • Services are detailed HERE (link), just ask!


Yes, there’s a big picture and you’re a part of it. You are the flagship! We anticipate you all know, but we have two partners, Robert and Stacy Earl, who both train with us/you, and are the team behind the concept of getting our program in hands of any and every CrossFit gym in the country, that wants it. We’ll do this by providing online learning, currently in creation, downloadable resources, education, and coaching “hands-on” on-site at our box. This is GrandMastersRx “HQ”. You train at CrossFit Weaver Park in a GrandMastersRx program. The first, actually!

Visit us at https://grandmastersrx.com


We also have an active 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit company (EIN 86-1544522)…also called GrandMastersRx (.org). Confusing? I guess so! We accept donations here to fund CrossFit Gyms that can’t afford the program or services that would help them put a program in their box, as well as to subsidize membership dues for those who can’t pay full dues. We’re taking the obstacles out of the way so we can help more people!

Visit us at http://www.grandmastersrx.org