Check it out above! Sam said: we’re not adding a PM class. Ed said: I’m adding a PM class 😂😂😂

It’s coming your way! Starting Monday 10/4 with an orientation on Friday 10/1, GrandMastersRx’s Legends Program is officially kicking off an evening class for working seniors. This program is a customized CrossFit program tailored for ages 55 and up. At a certain age, our recovery is different, strength and mobility are essential, and some of the typical CrossFit gymnastics and barbell movements are inappropriate and dangerous for a very mature or aged shoulder (dynamic pullups, full snatches). We’re progressive but conservative. We see results without injury or incident. It’s the perfect program for those wishing to excel into their retirement years and beyond. 

This class will cap at 10 members, and we’re reserving space on a first come first serve basis. Email us at for information or to reserve your spot!

Friday! Woooo!

Today is a big day – we’re drilling Grace again. You can never do too many clean and jerks – well, you can – but this isn’t too many 😉

First, we’ll warm up with some DB’s and our foundational movements of deadlift, power clean, push press, and front squat.

Next, we need some push-ups in our lives. we’ll work for four rounds on a max effort drill with a modified range of motion – working the top of the movement.

Finally, we’ll spend the remainder of the time on our Grace drill. In EMOM format we’ll work from light to heavy (relative to you!) in 3 – 5 reps per minute. You’ll be so prepared for Barbells for Boobs! Remember, save the date: Saturday, October 23rd first heat at 9am. Afterparty at Trish’s!

Have a great weekends, fit-family!