Coaching seniors is often different than younger athletes. Our coaches have to be on point with how long it takes to set up and which athletes need help, which athletes need help determining how much load on a bar or with dumbbells. Sometimes helping break down their equipment so they don’t miss a plank session – or changing their weight in between their sets of lifts is the difference between them getting through all their sets or not. Our coaches are a lot more hands-on in many ways.

As you already know, today we get our heart rates up. Why? Why not! Just kidding. So many wonderful things happen in your body when you do this. Your body builds muscle…yes, w with a little added intensity, it’s easier to gain strength. Your body uses “fuel” (calories) more efficiently.  It’s more sensitive to carbohydrates, benefiting you by helping improve blood glucose conditions like diabetes. And it helps with helping you feel more “fit” – cardiovascularly. Training with intensity improves your cardiorespiratory abilities better than training at lower levels. Would you believe me if I told you it also lowers blood pressure, improves lipid profiles (blood cholesterol), and is a known prevention strategy for some cancers? It’s true! So let’s get to it!


After an easy-going warm-up, we’ll begin with teams of two in an alternating EMOM of wall balls and planks.

Next up – take it down with a little push/pull strength and some hip mobility.

The main course:  two short AMRAPs with ample rest between of burpees and barbell hang power cleans. S.P.I.C.Y.!

We’ll cash out with some balance.

Eat well, sleep well, you did your part at the box today: keep this up and you will be amongst those with “no comorbidities”….(can I say that?)!