After a workout when everyone’s on the deck resting, we call this a “yard sale”! 😂😂

Today we’ll begin with a strategic PVC warm-up. Nail your positions.


Then, priority GET STRONG!

New squat focus starts this week – both back and front squat in one set. You’ll like it!

Next up – we’ll do a not-for-time piece – but for steady movement with Dballs and situps.

Then…we always get excited for benchmark girls…and today we have Grace! We’ll do it in a strategic way today to see how we do. Don’t worry. You’ll see full grace again! Grace is 30x clean and jerks for time. You will be splitting them into two fast sets of 15 and working as a team of two to count reps.

Finally, some bodybuilding to round out the day.


Happy Hump Day Legends!