Today we start with a PVC warm-up with a purpose. We are warming up for our “metcon” after the squat sesh.

First, we squat. Back squat – 3×5. Keep.  Getting.  Stronger.

OK…these have been tough – they’ll be as tough as you make them – these “shorter Friday challenges”.  Be sure to speak with your coach to ensure you choose the right load on the hang power clean so that you get the right stimulus.  Two, 3-minute AMRAPs with a short rest between. Spicy!

Next up – we’ll work on some “kipping” or beat swings. These start with shoulder strength and stability – we need to be able to actively hang from the bar – if not, we’ll work on that.

We’ll end up with some bird dogs and a hand/eye coordination drills. Caution: LAX balls all over the place!