New Box! T-Minus 12 days until the first full day of operations at “GrandMastersRx – powered by CrossFit Weaver Park”. Yes, we are an official CrossFit Affiliate. We’ve always been proud of CrossFit as the underpinnings of what we get to do with our “trade”, and we’ll continue that.


Your training will not be interrupted by our move with the exception of a little housekeeping that we’ll try to summarize in the blog, emails, and class announcements.

But down to the nitty-gritty, today we start with a medicine ball partner warm-up – ends with squats – sorry!

The Monday 4-rounder includes thrusters and steps ups….if we were younger it’d sound like a BenchMark Girl! Also, some heavy KB DL’s and pushups.

On to a DB complex – again, like last week, as an AMRAP for 5 rounds.

Finally, some cool down and core work.

Great Monday!