Happy Birthday, Paula F!  We hope you have a great day!


Friday!!  Here we go, guys!

6 minute PVC warm-up for hip, squat, and shoulder “lubrication”!

Friday’s are for heart rates – let’s get them up. Let’s feel some “intensity”. It can be uncomfortable, but it’s good for us!

First, though, let’s get through our squats. Here is a new change to our cycle – we’ll begin combining front and back squats. To do this, base your load off of your FRONT SQUAT. And yes, the loads have to be the same for both lifts!

Next up: a little Metcon with a PC’s and DL’s – you’ll like it. Trust us! You’ll have an opportunity to go heavier if you like.

Still going here…push ups and lunges – knock your socks off here!

For core: we have a 5 minute drill of an overhead hold with high knee marchs…and finally, a quick cool down and you’re done for the week!

Have a healthy weekend everyone!