HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNE! (on Wednesday)

Back to back…yes indeed. Again, we’re doing this because of the equipment shipment expected tomorrow.

Back-to-back workouts, so you’ll need Wednesday and Thursday to rest.

We’ll warm up with a WB drill – pushing the limits of mobility on the last movement of thrusters. You’d probably just rather do wall balls, right?

Wednesday/Tuesday is our strength day.  Today we’ll work dumbbell clusters, probably one of the hardest DB movements side from a “devils press”.  Then with a BB, Clean and jerks form the desk with three opportunities to increase the load. And BB DL’s focusing on the hinge or conventional DL today. Each movement will have alternates to help schedule rest and supplement the basic movements.

Core work will be our break today as we do some bird dogs with “kiss in the middle” work.

Finally, just for laughs – and balance – the pen drill!