Good Monday Morning!

QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT: Wednesday’s classes have been moved to TOMORROW, Tuesday. Same time schedule. I emailed everyone and we’ll make the announcement in class on Monday. Our equipment shipment from Rogue is arriving Wednesday morning and we need a team of us there to meet it and unload it. We do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused anyone – I’ve already heard from some of you that you have appointments on Tuesday and we’re truly sorry. We promise – this temporary inconvenience will be worth it!

Back to your training for today:

Quick warm-up that may or may not include burpees 🤗!

Our Monday Four Rounder will bring you rig knee-ups or beginning hanging straight leg raises, kettlebell swings, planks, and goblet squats.

Then, in teams of two – hold on! Farmer’s carries and some core/stability work.

Finally, accessory work to round out the day.

Happy Monday Fam!