How do we measure success in the “Legends” or GrandMastersRx program? There are many ways:

  • subjective feedback – they tell us they have more energy, feel better, feel stronger, and have lost (or gained, if needed) weight
  • objective observation – the athletes have improved posture, squat more athletically, can plank a full minute
  • objective measurements – they score well on the Senior Fitness Tests, continue to improve their position in the CrossFit Open and bring us their bloodwork, bone density, and scale movement

This is not much different than how we’d measure success when we owned CrossFit Rebels. PR’s on strength showed us the athletes were getting stronger. PR’s on benchmark girls showed us the athletes were getting “fitter”. Improvement in Open standings showed us that year after year they were getting fitter (even though they were getting older!). Subjectively, as coaches, we would confer on athletes’ improved athleticism, improved shapes on gymnastics, and improved bar paths on the Olympic Lifts. And finally, we would get copies of blood work, bone density, and we did body composition testing…  objective improvement!

Here’s a clip of Ed and I kicking around our measurements of success.