New box updates: there aren’t a lot of updates 🙂

We MAY have an electrical inspection today. That’s some progress.  Other “progress”…

  • We got our floor cleaner (the Bulldog) yesterday, so we are excited to be able to properly clean the floors.
  • Flooring (not mats) is going in this week.
  • Equipment is still stalled…we’re seriously considering going up to get it!
  • HVAC got done last week.
  • Internet/wifi was installed last week.

We’re really at the mercy of our equipment vendor. More details to come.

We back squat today – we have honestly not been this proud of the progress in one lift as we are with the Friday back squats – but we’ve also been more varied in our movements so the repetition here has definitely paid off!

Next up, you get a shot at a workout you did a week or two ago – longer time to complete it but higher reps – you’ll eventually learn to love Burpees – trust us!

We’ll do some core work, some med ball work and a little balance – trying to to continue to pummel you as some of you are still recovering from Murph!

Have a great weekend everyone!