It’s June! Halfway through the year 😬.

When we think of this (1/2 way through 2021) we think of goals:

  • am I weaker in one aspect than another – e.g. barbell versus gymnastics?
  • Is my cardiovascular system where I want it to be? (could I push a little harder on the metcons?)
  • Is my balance where it needs to be?
  • Is my mobility where it needs to be?

Every day you come to the gym there’s something you can do “better”…even in the warm up – make it count!


Everyone's math is different

It’s strength day!

BB BS from the rack is first.

Next up: you’ve seen this before…you just have more time and more reps today. 4 minutes to complete a descending rep scheme of DB C&J and Burpees….yes burpees.

Core work – essential.