Yes, today is National Walnut Day.  It’s a lot of other “national days” too like Tax Day and Idaho Day and Cherry Cobbler Day…but we’re going to stick to the healthier “day”.

Not to belabor it TOO much, BUT…we’re kind of food Nazi’s around here. Whole, unprocessed foods are always the way to go. Sure, some Chick-fil-A or Wawa may find it’s way into our meal plan every once in a while, but it shouldn’t be your mainstay.

So,  why Walnuts? There are so many reasons!

  • You’re less likely to have allergies to walnuts over peanuts
  • They’re full of healthy fats and some protein
  • They’re also full of antioxidants which help protect us from free radicals (bad things happening in our bodies). Melatonin, Vitamin E, and polyphenols, to name a few.
  • Walnuts are high in Omega 3 fatty acids (via Alpha Linoleic Acid) – good for the brain and heart and so many other things!
  • They may decrease inflammation in the body (goodbye arthritis aches!), promote a healthy gut and reduce the risk of some cancers.

Get on board – one serving is about an ounce – about 180-200 calories – why not? Great snack idea.

8am class does Annie


Today we start with a Wall Ball warm-up. It’s been a while we used weighted balls in a warm-up.

Our Monday 4 rounder goes like this…we have:

  • step-ups – let’s push the height today
  • positional work on barbell power cleans
  • our boxing drill for mobility
  • and front squats with your power clean bar

Next, we’ll hit a 20′ EMOM with lunges and a new movement!

Finally, a 3 persona team will work together for 8 minutes working on ANOTHER newer movement and farmers carries.

Have a good Monday, guys!