Fri-yay!  Let’s get cracking! Today we introduce a “Benchmark Girl”. You’ve seen her before, but today is the last time we’ll be offering this workout outside the standard format. Benchmarks are done so you can gauge your progress. Just like as your loads go up on the Friday squats – as your times get shorter and you can accomplish more work in less, time, or more advanced work (for example jump rope versus toe ups), we can show you’re fitter based on these changes.

Today, Annie will be offered in three versions: RX reps with single unders, RX reps with jumping jacks, RX reps with toe ups…and of course, there will be a cap. So everyone is going to shoot for the reps, and let’s see who can finish!

In addition, we’ll see a barbell complex, our typical Friday back squats, and some balance. But Annie is the feature for today!

Let’s get after it!