We’re starting off our post-Mother’s Day weekend with a strong lineup of movements today. Make your goal today to do something a little harder than your normal.

Our 4 rounds today includes some single-sided DLs for balancing out our core and trunk. Pushups – alright! So if you haven’t been working toward a lower bar, or toward the floor with a yoga block, consider that today. Let’s try to make these better today. If you have solidly been working to a block let’s try a band. Our prerequisites are there for a reason – so please stay with the progressions – we follow an order to keep you safe!  We have some planks, and again, some single-sided DB Clean and Jerks.

We’ll partner up again for some Wall Ball throw and catch. Get those squats deep and give your partner a good toss!

Walking lunges are back! If you’re working through half knees as a progression to walking lunges, remember CHEST UP!

We’ll cash out with some balance and call it a day!

If we’re lucky, the new space will be graced with some stall mats! Our flooring delivery that was delayed is due in today. Cross your fingers!