Happy 86th Birthday to JoJo today!

Today, Friday, we ….yes, we back squat from the rack.  Again, this has been looking so amazing.  Keep getting stronger. Soon we’ll move on to a new strength movement.

Metcon Friday: One of our idols, Chris Spealler, puts out workouts called “The Impossible WOD”. This may be one of them!

You’ll have a set amount of time to complete a set amount of work. Your goal is to finish.  It’s more complicated than that but you’ll have to show up to see!

We’ll hit some planks, and a 7 minute conditioning session (cardiooooooooooo!).

Cashing out with some accessory work.

The meat of your day is that 3 minute WOD – go hard -> get the benefits!

Have a great weekend fit family!